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The Sight of Music 
Senior Capstone Project 2023

"All photographs are created with intention. This is something that I've been personally exploring for some time now. For the last couple of years, I have explored what the means to me; what it means to have a certain purpose for my work. With this body of work, I researched narrative tableau photography. Narrative tableau photography images are constructed to reflect familiar narratives based on other media such as paintings, literature, movies, television, etc. I researched photographers like Cindy Sherman and Gregory Crewdson whose work has close ties with cinema and the feelings that movies and television provoke. Narrative tableau, and the work that falls under this category, evolves with time, and often reflects the popular media at the time. My goal was to continue my work with constructing images, focusing on the intentionality in each photo concept. Music is something that has always had an importance in society, with its impact continuing to grow and I wanted to draw on the power music as on people. After collaborating with my friends and family, each image in this body of work is inspired by an individual song and individual lyric, and some are based on a general feeling the song gave me or one of my loved ones. This project has allowed me to open up and be the most vulnerable I have ever been with my art: each photo took hours of planning, scheduling, and setting up; each photo was created with intention and everything I have."

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